The Cyprus Forum is an independent, ambitious and not-for-profit conference, organised by Oxygen for Democracy, in association with the Delphi Economic Forum and Zenox Public Affairs as communications partner.

It is our goal to become a lever and catalyst for change through discussions and debates leading to commitments, actions and ultimately outcomes. It is our aim to improve and promote sustainable and socially responsible policy in Cyprus and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. The Cyprus Forum brings together local and foreign political leaders, prominent figures from the public and the private sector, the media, academia and civic society to initiate dialogue, exchange ideas and find new and creative solutions to key public policy issues.

Our vision

Each year, the Cyprus Forum will focus on topical policy areas, all of which are linked to society as a whole, and will be in need of more creative thinking. The pillars, which take into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals are as follows:

(1) Economy, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Responsibility
(2) Foreign Policy, Energy, Environment
(3) Justice and Strong Institutions
(4) Research, Innovation, Infrastructure
(5) Education and Culture
(6) Health and Sports.

Each of the topics will be addressed by a panel of speakers, selected for their professional and academic credentials, their innovative ideas, and their combined ability to influence decision-making and policy-making. Discussions will be held in English with interpretation available for participants.The Cyprus Forum welcomes everyone who wants to see change and who favours the promotion of reforms in our country. It encourages participation of citizens from all socio-economic backgrounds, organisations (public, private and NGO) and businesses. The Forum is equally open to officials and politicians who work towards effective reforms and need the support of other stakeholders to do so. In this way, the Cyprus Forum seeks to bridge the gap that currently exists between the need for effective reforms, the adoption of the relevant laws and the need for better law enforcement, through which inclusive growth for all citizens and a better prospect for our country can be attained.

What sets us apart

The Cyprus Forum is distinguished from other high-level conferences in Cyprus because our follow-up actions will be activity monitored and measured after the conference ends to ensure ideas become policy-shaping in reality. We will do this by:

(a) using the conclusions to create annual measurable implementation indicators for comparison purposes;
(b) promoting the conclusions in the media;
(c) promotion by the Forum’s participants who will be offered incentives to convey the conclusions to their organisations and businesses, thus acting as ambassadors of change, and forming networks to accelerate the reform process across particular area.