3 - 4 October 2024


Marking the 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Republic of Cyprus, October 2020 saw the launch of the Cyprus Forum: a new, independent, ambitious and not-for-profit annual conference, organised by Oxygen for Democracy (formerly Oxygono) in association with the Delphi Economic Forum and Zenox Public Affairs as strategic partner. The Cyprus Forum seeks to become a lever and catalyst for change through discussions and debate leading to commitments, actions and ultimately outcomes that will improve and promote sustainable and socially responsible policy in Cyprus and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. The Cyprus Forum brings together local and foreign political leaders, important figures from the public and the private sector, the media, academia and civic society with the aim of initiating dialogue, exchanging ideas and finding new and creative solutions to key areas of public policy.


The Nicosia Municipal Theatre. A historic building in Nicosia, the largest theatre in Cyprus.

Cyprus Forum promo video


Every year, the Cyprus Forum focuses on policy areas all of which are pillars inextricably linked to society as a whole, and in which there is a clear need for more creative thinking. The panel of speakers is always selected based on their professional and academic credentials, their innovative ideas and their ability to influence.


The Cyprus Forum aspires to become a knowledge transfer organisation that can influence decision-making and a useful platform for all citizens. It encourages active participation of citizens from all socio-economic backgrounds, all organisations and all businesses and welcomes everyone who wants to see change in decision making.


What sets the Cyprus Forum apart from similar high-level conferences in Cyprus is the follow-up actions that the forum undertakes after the conference. Of paramount importance is the monitoring and promotion of the results of the conference where appropriate to effectively translate those to meaningful reforms.